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Slopeside Counseling offers court-ordered therapy services and groups. Our team of highly experienced professionals will provide the compassionate support and resources necessary to help make positive progress towards living a healthier, more fulfilling life.

*The dates and times are subject to change.

Enhanced Outpatient (EOP):

Early Recovery 

Weekly Group - Wednesday 4:00PM

Relapse Prevention 

Weekly Group - Wednesday 6:00PM

Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT):

Weekly Group -

Tuesday 5:00PM

Friday 7:00AM


DV MRT - Weekly Group - Coming Soon!


Weekly Group -

Thursday (Spanish Speaking) 5:00PM

Domestic Violence Treatment: 

(English Speaking services available only, at this time)

Men's Weekly Group -

Wednesday 10:30AM

Wednesday 5:00PM

Thursday 5:30PM

Saturday 10:00AM


Women's Weekly Group -

Wednesday 6:30PM

DV Monthly Treatment Plan Review/Update: 

(4th Thursday / Every month) 6:30PM

Anger Management:

Intake Group (Required) - Group 1 Saturday 4:30PM

Weekly Group - Group 2-12 Saturday 3:00PM

Relapse Prevention:

Weekly Group -

Thursday 8:00AM

Saturday 10:00AM

Motherhood Matters:

Weekly Group - Coming Soon!

Parenting Options / Treatment:

Caring Dads - Weekly Group

Friday 5:00PM

Wednesday 7:30PM (Spanish Speaking)

Saturday 7:00PM (Spanish Speaking)

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT):

Weekly Group - Thursday 9:00AM

Seeking Safety:

Weekly Group -

Thursday 11:00AM (Women's Group)

Saturday 7:30AM (Men's Group)

DUI Treatment Tracks A-D:

Intake Group (Required First) - Friday 5:00PM


Level II Education (English Speaking)

Weekly Group -

Thursday 7:00PM

Saturday 8:00AM


Level II Education (Spanish Speaking)

Weekly Group - 

Monday 5:00PM

Tuesday 5:00PM


Level II Education Juvenile (Spanish Speaking)

Weekly Group -

Friday 3:00PM


Minor in Possession (MIP)

Weekly Group - Saturday 8:00AM


Level II Therapy (English Speaking)

Weekly Group - Saturday 1:00PM


Level II Therapy (Spanish Speaking)

Weekly Group -

Monday 7:00PM

Tuesday 7:00PM

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