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DUI Treatment Tracks A-D

About the Group

Level II Education

Level II Therapy

Level II 4+ Evaluation, Case Management, & Services

Interlock Enhancement Counseling

Minor in Possession (MIP) groups

Weekly Groups

Intake Group (Required First):

Fridays 5PM

Weekly Groups:

Level II Education:

Thursdays 7PM

Saturdays 8AM

Level II Education (Spanish):

Mondays 5PM

Tuesdays 5PM

Thursdays 5PM

Level II Education Juvenile (Spanish):

Fridays 3PM

Minor in Possession (MIP):

Saturdays 8AM

Level II Therapy:

Tuesdays 7PM

Saturdays 1PM

Level II Therapy (Spanish):

Mondays 7PM

Tuesdays 7PM

Thursdays 7PM

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