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Carlos F. Abel

CAS, Bilingual and Bicultural Addictions Counselor

Promoting recovery in humans, utilizing professional skills and tools. Thereby empowering the person that wants to change to do so, by supporting their goals of recovery, focusing on the solution, and on intergrowth in a safe environment.  Bringing back hope in life, by helping to find and use their strengths.  While promoting the understanding and management of addiction and other related illness.  

Carlos' goal as counselor is not to find what is wrong with you, it is the opposite, to help you recognize and use all of “what is right with you”.    

Carlos, with the help of education, training, and life experience, has sought to prepare himself to serve the community.  His education includes “Humanizing Medicine” with Patch Adams & Gesundheit Institute in December 2012. His methods include, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and many more tools and skills to empower the client on their journey to recovery. 

Carlos F. Abel
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