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Eric Turner


As a former Firefighter / Paramedic with a large urban department, Eric has many years of work and lived experience concerning the effects of trauma, PTSD, and substance use. He is trained in Peer Support and has assisted military veterans, first responders, and the general population in living with and overcoming mental health and substance use issues. Eric is a Certified Anger Management Specialist, which is recognized by all courts throughout the US. Additionally, he is trained as a SMART Recovery Facilitator and will soon earn the designation of Certified Addiction Counselor – Technician.

Eric proves by example that recovery and healing are possible. He believes that the client is the most valuable resource in deciding their own personal path of change and self-acceptance. He creates a safe environment by encouraging open communication while using non-judgmental listening and expressing true empathy. Eric helps clients to discover and develop their strengths while exploring ambivalence. Clients are empowered to control anxiety and anger, understand their relationship with substances, and decide for themselves what their future will look like.

Eric Turner
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